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Touhou no Yuujin || Anime Club

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Anime Club. AdMU school org for anime and such.

Rules to live by...
* Respect other people's posts and their opinions. No flaming when a member squees about a show you don't like.

* No spamming.

* Put extra long posts (e.g. a pageful of requests) and large pictures under an lj cut.

* If you can, don't post long or semi-long messages in ALLCAPS.

* Please log-in if you want to comment. If you're too lazy to log-in, please write your name/lj username when using an anonymous account.

* No posting about unrelated topics e.g. non-anime club event promotion, school stuff. Post them on the yahoogroups or privately contact the people you need.

* When posting fanfiction or fanart, please put them under an lj-cut. You may opt to display a thumbnail for your fanart. No R-18/NC-17 stuff allowed; we are still a school org, you know. Post them in your own journals. Also, for the sake of other members, post any possible warnings or squicks there may be (e.g. bloody scene, character death in the story, etc).