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GA this FRIDAY @ C109 2:30-4:30

konnichi wa!

GA is moved to an earlier time tomorrow 2:30-4:30 and the venue will be at C109. this is located at Schmitt building or the chemistry building in case you do not know ^_^ The time was moved so that we could go home earlier hehe. see ya all!


Hello everyone!!!

How was your semestral break? Have you done anything productive? Like being able to download as many "goods" as you can and watch them in marathon? WEEEEeeee~~~!!! nyahahaha. Ii desu ne? =^.^=

Anyway, it's a fresh semester and the beloved Anime Club is to embarked on its next episode for this remaining school year wahoooo! So, what to expect this 2nd semester?

1. Animated film showing every Friday for three Fridays ^_^ The choice of movies will be decided through polling.

2. Art session with Mr. Kim Bartlome which will fall on a Wednesday. This will include CS Photoshop tutorials and tips on how to use it as well as some points on drawing itself.

3. 1st GA for this semester will be this Friday 17 Nov. Venue is TBA ^_^

4. 2nd and last GA for the year which will serve as a Christmas Party as well. This of course will be happening in December so watch out for it ^_^

The executive committee will be probably be busy on accomplishing the requirements for accreditation next year so again Anime Club will be on hiatus from January until February 2007. Don't worry, much more fun is to come next school year...hopefully ^^,

So guys, why don't you come this FRIDAY, 4:30-6 Venue TBA so we can share to you all more about these? woot!

jya~ mata ne?

PS. for those interested >> 3rd Akira's Nightmare Animation Scriptwriting Laboratory :: http://admuonlinebulletin.blogspot.com/2006/11/3rd-akiras-nightmare-animation.html

On hiatus~

Animé Club is on hiatus until the end of finals week! Enjoy the rest of the semester minna-san!!!

Toei at 20: Group Cosplay Competition

Alongside TOEI's 50th anniversary in the Japanese Animation industry, TOEI PHILIPPINES will also be celebrating it's 20th year as part of the TOEI group. In line with this TOEI PHILIPPINES in cooperation with the ANIMATION COUNCIL OF THE PHILIPPINES will be holding a massive GROUP COSPLAY COMPETITION on NOVEMBER 18, 2006 at EASTWOOD CITY, LIBIS.
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info from Khursten ^^,

Logo Making

Did you know that..
our new club doesn't have a logo yet?

Hai hai minnasan!
Wala pa tayong logo, kaya narito na ang..



Open to ALL MEMBERS* of the club!
Each member may submit MORE THAN ONE design!

<||=================== Details ===================||>

1. All members may join the challenge
2. *Promotions Committee members are required to submit a design

1. Should be aligned with the Anime Club's Vision, Mission, and Objectives. Click here to view VMO.
2. No text or characters allowed in the logo
2. The logo must be flexible (e.g. can be placed in harmony with a wide range of background design; may be modified to suit various concepts in design and still be distinguished as the anime club logo)

1. Each member may submit more than one design.
2. The design to be submitted should be high resolution (300dpi/dots per inch or more), layered, PSD format. There is no limit with the dimension as long as the file size does not exceed 7MB.
3. Designs shall be emailed to toujinpromo@yahoo.com following the deadline stated in the timetable.
4. In addition to the emailed desgins, a JPEG copy of the logo (maximum size of 1MB) shall be uploaded to a photobucket account (http://photobucket.com/). Login using the username and password below and upload the design.
USERNAME: toujinpromo
PASSWORD: animeclu13
5. Send a text message to 09173025259 stating that you have uploaded and emailed a design. Don't forget to indicate your name.
6. The design emailed and uploaded shall follow the file naming system:
Ex. LOGO_Ojacastro-Julinette_FriendsOfJapan
7. Entries not following correct file-naming system will not be accepted.

1. The Challenge Begins! This project officially starts on 21 AUG 06.
2. Our Watchglass: Members are given three weeks to make a logo.
3. Time's Up! Deadline of submission of final design will be on 01 September 06, 12:00PM GMT+8.

Creativity - 15%
Originality - 30%
Popularity/Audience Impact - 15%
Relevance to the VMO - 40%

Unfortunately, this is not a contest T_T.. nonetheless, the artist of the winning design shall receive a surprise "freebie" and shall be given due recognition for his great contribution to the club!
The judges shall be the three founders of the Anime Club, the moderator and one non-Anime Club member known to have excellent aesthetic sense.
For inquiries, contact Jules (eluoj087@yahoo.com).

Goodluck everyone!

VMO...finally ^^,

The Animé Club envisions itself as a community of enthusiasts who hold interest in the Japanese culture and in the visual and literary arts which will eventually uphold the Filipino talent in the field of animation by inculcalting the spirit of Magis.

The Animé Club aims to develop the students' existing skills and talents, to strengthen further the Japanese-Filipino relationship, and to inspire and empower the Filipino youth in their aspirations on the visual and literary arts.

1. To improve skills and talents by conducting workshops, seminars, and art contests for the students of the university.

2. To extend our abilities to children and teenagers by educating them on the basics of visual and literary arts by way of outreach programs.

3. To inform the students about upcoming animé conventions, Japanese culture celebrations, and the like, that are external to the club's organization.

4. To appreciate more animé and Japanese culture by organizing animated film showings and animé marathon sessions.

2nd GA this September 08!

girls and guys!

mark your calendars now! we will be conducting our second, yes s-e-c-o-n-d general activity come this September 08 || 4:30-7pm || FRIDAY!!! we will be introducing our official executive committee members and have fun more than we had on the 1st GA ;D weeee~ venue is TBA so please keep posted for further announcements regarding this matter ^_^



Auditions for October OS Gig

Attention, all Japanese pop music-inspired artists in Metro Manila! OngakuSociety is now accepting song-and-dance group and band applications for audition slots to perform at the next major OS event slated for October 2006!

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For further inquiries, you may also e-mail us at ongakusociety-owner[at]yahoogroups[dot]com, or visit our message boards at www.ongaku-society.org/go/forums. Deadline for submission of applications is on August 19, 2006. Auditions are slated for September 9 and 16, 2006.

Think you got what it takes?! Prove it! We are OngakuSociety -- rocking the scene since 2003!
info from Khursten Santos

Calendar of Activities

Proposed Projects for September
Project / Task Committee Deadline
of completion
Online Publication - Release Date Sec, Pub & Web Sept 15
Earth Visions - Art Contest (theme will be about the environment, event will be on Sept 08); We propose a collaboration with Ateneo ESS; We need your opinion regarding this matter; Please leave a comment
Internals-Internal Relations ASAP, Before Aug 14
Database; Create an organized list of "goods" Internals - Database Sept 01
Make Membership (Recruitment) Process & Evaluation System (word document)- I'll have to talk to you guys about this so whoever is in charge of these documents, please leave comment HR-Membership&Eval Sept 01
Make Code of Electoral Procedures (word document)
HR-Membership&Eval Sept 01
Make Code of Financial Procedures (word document) Fin & Mktg - Sales & Budget  Sept 01
Animé-A-Month kinda thing (to be scheduled on any day between sept 25 - 29) - submit a proposal
Internals-Internal Logistics Aug 18



Proposed Projects for October
Project / Task Committee Deadline
of completion
Online Publication - Release Date Sec - Pub & Web  Oct 15
Formation Seminar; Planning Seminar (scheduled on any day between Oct 23-28) - submit a proposal HR Aug 18


Other Proposed Projects
Project / Task Committee Deadline
of completion
Culturevolution - scheduled on Aug 19; submit a list of interested members Externals Aug 11
Blue Christmas, Salu-Salo sa Belen Class hosting - brainstorm for what type of class, submit proposal and class hosting form; You may get a copy of the invitation letter from me
Internals-Internal Relations Aug 18
3rd GA - scheduled on Sept 18-22; submit proposal
HR Sept 01
An outreach with Musmos - i have a contact already, contact me so we can talk about your plans on this
Internals - Internal Relations Sept 01

Project Proposal Format

Contributions anyone?

Thanks to Bryan Alisen who first contributed his original artwork in pencil (I'll return it as soon as i can finalize it witht the SEC committee ^_^)

Special mention and acknowledgement to Kim Bartolome for contributing his Sasuke vector ^_^ Maraming salamat po koya~

Guys if there is any fanART or fanFIC that you passionately made and would deeply wanted to share it to all of us so you could inspire us as well, feel free to submit your artwork via email. For hardcopies please leave a comment here regarding how will you submit to us.

Don't worry guys, we will be returning them as soon as we publish them.

Thank you very much y'all!