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this applies to all fans...

That grl who poisoned yunho..her comeback..
 Ok, credits to sheilapiglet at soompi for posting this...It's a bit disturbing, but I think you all also have the right to know this.. U_U 

the translation:

Two years ago, I set up a anti-DBSK fan club, now everyone know that I am the one who did the °Cyanoacrylate drink event to yunho because I hatee him.

Do you all remember in year 2000, the member of G.O.D Yoon Kye Sang's mother drank a drink that is mix with washing detergent from their fans and vomit, in the end she need to be hospitalised. That iwas also done by us. We all have a common name called, anti-fans. We are the people that will does something wickedly on stars.

I, have been wanting to punish yunho for a long time but there isn't any chance for me to do that. On 14 October, 10pm, I past by KBS branch in Seoul and saw a lot of fans, gathered around there. After entering from the main door, and found out that DBSK is filming . After watching for 20 mins, I am so angry that I went to a nearby convienient store and bought an orange juice and super glue, mix them all up and gave it to yunho with a note.

Haha, this guy thought that I am one of the cassiopeia (which is the fans of DBSK), drank it without thinking. I think everyone want to know what I have written in the note, now I will tell you.

to jung yunho:
you better be careful of what you are saying! You are always so pround since you debut, you song let people feel like vomiting, your dance also have so many mistakes, compare to other singer you are the worse of all, so what is so great about you? do yo uknow what is your limt? Let me tell you, only kids like DBSK, when you all are shown in a channel, you all know how many people want to change the channel? The viewing ratio is so low!, haha, what kind of popular singer you are? Always the stars for the kids. Really feeling like punishing you all. Hehe

I know that the police uncle will investigate that I am the one who did all this, on 15th 2.30pm, I surrendered. I could not believe that yunho still defending me, hope that I would not be charged.

I will not thank him. Because I dislike him.
Heard that there are also anti-fans in china now, recently they make a mourning hall for cyndi wang (a taiwanise singer) online, this was a good idea.
Anti-fans around the world unite and together harming the stars.
From a korean anti-fans

I am also an anti-fan. I will not say my name. We always do things secretly. Two days ago, there was a reporter from a newspaper want to interview me.Since the day that yunho was poisoned the entertainment reporters of the whole world was looking for us, cassiopeia around the world wanted to get after us even, hehe, and we even became the hottest topic of the entertainment.
I think everybody may know that, the next target that anti-fans will bother will be super junior, kim hee chul and the only chinese member Han kyung. It can also be other artist as well. Everyone also saw in anti-cafe that many people also dislike jay chou and lee jun ki.¡±

 MY OPINION-This person is SICK in the mind! Even AFTER Yunho forgives her, she still acts crazy! It really just makes me speechless.

credit: loNeLY:_-wINtER@imeem + JzHerO@Cassiopeia-Family + kimki@dbsgc.net.tc + libbylibra@DBSGC


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Jul. 28th, 2007 02:32 pm (UTC)
kelan yang balita na yan? ang baliw naman O_o
Jul. 29th, 2007 03:51 am (UTC)
just recently. i think. kase recent post lang yan sa lj community na sinalihan ko. baliw nga talga yung babae.
Jul. 29th, 2007 09:46 am (UTC)
Re: o.0
ah ung dbsg? haha obvious na di ako nagbabasa XD
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