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this applies to all fans...

That grl who poisoned yunho..her comeback..
 Ok, credits to sheilapiglet at soompi for posting this...It's a bit disturbing, but I think you all also have the right to know this.. U_U 

the translation:

Two years ago, I set up a anti-DBSK fan club, now everyone know that I am the one who did the °Cyanoacrylate drink event to yunho because I hatee him.

Do you all remember in year 2000, the member of G.O.D Yoon Kye Sang's mother drank a drink that is mix with washing detergent from their fans and vomit, in the end she need to be hospitalised. That iwas also done by us. We all have a common name called, anti-fans. We are the people that will does something wickedly on stars.

credit: loNeLY:_-wINtER@imeem + JzHerO@Cassiopeia-Family + kimki@dbsgc.net.tc + libbylibra@DBSGC

JSP week suggestion list

Hello everyone,

We formulated a list of "possible" activities that the our club might do in the upcoming JSP Week and they are the following:
listCollapse )

If there is anything you want to add to the list please do so. I'll be emailing the said suggestions to my teacher so we could ask her if it is possible for us to do the activity we will be "sponsoring" . Thanks everyone! I hope we could execute this activity hehe ;)


sana maraming magpost dito haha (ako daw~) yea i'll try to post as much as i can hehe ^_^ -louie

Feb 02 emergency meeting minutes

konnichi wa!!

for those who weren't able to attend today's emergency meeting,
these are the minutes:

agendum 1: call for application

minna-san, all positions (pres, vp, sec, internals,
internals, h&r, f&m) are available for application. just text/email
ate louie if you are interested.

agendum 2: elections

so there, elections will be held on feb. 16, 4:30-6:00
pm. venue tba. one hour will be allotted for speeches etc, then
announcement of winners na agad (tama ba ate?)

agendum 3: important dates

obviously, una na sa listahan ang feb. 16---guys, please
do come!
mar.5-8: art workshop (please inform ate louie if you
are interested to participate in this 3-day workshop)

mar. 9: karaoke session, last GA, farewell to the
seniors---kaya sana lahat din pumunta =)

agendum 4: film showing

feb. 23 and mar. 2 guys...a poll will be set up later,
vote na po kayo kung aling movies gusto niyo panoorin..

yun lang..that short. =)




Because of the aforementioned clashing schedule with the Honors Assembly, we will instead be holding an Emergency Meeting for Elections to clarify election procedures, answer questions, and to secure your right to vote without hampering the COMELEC process.

Where: Sec A 210 or Sec A 214 (Pending approval, but it's in)
When: 4:30-6:00 (as fast as we can, anyway) Feb 2, THIS Friday.

Please do come, or email me at tempered_fury@yahoo.com if you can't (with valid reason).

Please NOTE: Only those who will come, or who will tell me that they can't come with a valid reason will be allowed to vote.

ALSO NOTE: Due to the dismal attendance during the last GA, attendance or actual admission of non-attendance during this Emergency Meeting will serve as a manifestation of the desire to stay within this org.


I understand that this is a bit of a tall order, but we really need to know who still wants to be in this org, and who doesn't care.

Belated Happy New Year!!!

Even if it seems so late (which it is ^^,) I'd still like to greet you all a pleasant and exciting new year. Akemashite omedetou gozaimasu minna-san~ .:Louie:.

Anime o mimasho!!! '(^O^)'

though strictly speaking, most aren't anime LOL

For those who came to the said event thank you very much and hope to do something like that once more ^_^

So for those who have taken videos and photos please post your goods at the yahoogroup weeeee!!! paiinggitin natin ang mga hindi pumunta nyaknyaknyak ^_^

So anyway it was fun and... was fun hehe so guys you better go with us next time ^_^ and yes they are still open until tomorrow whole day so what are you waiting for? Gather your family and friends at punta na sa World Trade Center!!! Meron dun bungee thing and wall climbing at meron madaming benta ng "goods" hehe

By the way the poll for animated films to be shown is up so this is your chance to vote for the movie you want to watch with your friends one happening on a Friday, another on a Wednesday and lastly on a Thursday ^_^

And for the ARt Session with Mr Kim Bartolome, I am trying to schedule it on Nov29 so for those interested you can post some topics that you want to be taught and we'll see about that.

so there it is...my photos for the hanep event are to follow hehe

And before i forget i'd like to solicit some answers if you want the last GA for the year to happen on a saturday para mas maraming pakulo or on a friday say 2hrs or so. and if you have any suggestions regarding the Exchange Gifts program feel free to post any ideas that would make it even more exciting nyahahaha ^^,

Jya na~